A Different Spirit

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

When the Israelite spies scouted out the Promised Land, they all saw the same people, places, and things. They walked the same roads. These men shared the same spiritual heritage and history. And they had received the same instructions from Moses.

Yet most of the spies focused on the problems they would face in trying to overtake this land. Caleb, however, was different. In fact, God said he had a “different spirit.” He thought differently and had a different attitude. And he had different expectations.

Remembering God’s covenant relationship with His people and all the great things He had had done for them, Caleb believed that He would keep His Word. Because of the depth of his convictions, Caleb refused to doubt and was able to resist the pressure to conform to people’s opinions. He stood alone because he truly trusted God. Instead of focusing on the adversaries, he focused on the Lord and was confident that He would give them victory.

Many people today are like those faithless spies. They have read the Bible but are not committed to obeying it. They say that they are Christians but haven’t really left all to follow Jesus. They seem more concerned about the opinions of other people than standing firm on God’s Word. They have heard His promises but don’t put them into action. And they have not been changed by His Spirit.

Today, think about your attitude toward the things you face in life. Are you allowing the world around you to guide your opinions? Or are you willing to stand on God’s Word?

Remember that God’s blessings and rewards are given to people like Caleb—those who have “a different spirit” and are willing to leave all to follow Jesus. Victory will come to those who surrender to God’s Spirit, who trust Him and are faithful stewards, and who seek first His Kingdom.