A Different Kind of Messiah

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Many people in Israel expected the Messiah to be a military or political ruler. They hoped he would establish an earthly kingdom and provide economic and social prosperity. But Jesus was a different kind of Messiah.

Yet, as we read Isaiah’s prophecy, we realize that He accomplished exactly what God had promised ahead of time. He came not just to provide temporary solutions but to remove all of our sins and burdens. Instead of merely giving us empty promises to take our minds off our problems, He received the punishment we deserved, so that we might be free!

Jesus also carried our diseases and took them upon Himself. Even though He was blameless, He accepted our sins as His responsibility. He came that we might have peace in every situation.

By changing our lives and making us righteous, Jesus did something we never could have done on our own. And He continues to care for us and making intercession for us with the Father (Hebrews 7:25).

He did not just help a few select people or redeem only His friends and family. He bore the sins of the whole world. Even those who hated Him.

Today, Jesus still is the Messiah. And the ancient prophecies of Isaiah and the other Biblical writers still are true.

You may have been disappointed by people, but Jesus is not an ordinary person. You can put your faith in Him. He willingly came to earth to suffer and experience real pain. He knows what it means to be taken for granted and falsely accused. He knows the kinds of things you are feeling. He can comfort you, heal you, and change you forever. He is your Messiah!