A Day to Remember

A Day to Remember

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

We all have selective memories. Our minds inevitably become congested with thoughts about our health and finances, our relationships and decisions we face, problems that confront us and weigh us down. Amid these non-stop thoughts, we can find it impossible to remember every thought clearly no matter how hard we try.

This pattern is true for the practical things but also for the things of God – His promises and commands, His principles and warnings. Our minds can become so preoccupied that we might forget His words!

God’s promises and commands are central to the Law. They still are important. We need to read the Bible every day, constantly study and memorize the Word in order to be reminded about His truths. We also need to seek God through prayer.

The Bible makes clear that God knows about our selective memory, which is why His Word is filled with reminders – to help us focus on important truths, to remind us of people who have been important in our lives and important days. Reminders give us His perspective and help us make the right decisions.

Spend time with God. Read and study His Word – both Old and New Testament. Dig for new revelations while being refreshed by familiar passages. As you focus on His Word, let it change your life. Let Him recall people who have been important to you. Seek to be a grateful person.