A Compromise

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Ever since the beginning of church history, many people have looked upon Christian beliefs as foolish. In an effort to make the faith more acceptable, some early Christians resorted to clever schemes. Others tried to make the Gospel less offensive, less controversial.

Many people in Paul’s day were offended by his focus on the cross and all that it represented. But he knew that the cross was central to the Gospel. He knew we must focus on the cross, no matter how people react.

It was on the cross that Jesus sacrificed His life so that our sins might be forgiven. No wonder the Bible makes it clear that the cross needs to be a central part of our lives as believers.

Jesus also taught His disciples that the cross symbolized the commitment every believer is called to make. He said we must deny ourselves, take up our personal cross and follow Him wherever He leads (Matthew 16:24). Always be ready to surrender to God’s will and die to self.

The cross means being willing to embrace what seems foolish to the world. But for believers, the cross is the gateway to the power of God.

Don’t let the world fool you with its so-called wisdom. Remember that worldly wisdom is foolishness to God. Seek real wisdom, the kind that comes when you make Jesus your Lord. Take up your cross and follow Him. Let Him give you real power and the transformed life that comes through the cross.