Broken Spirit

A Broken Spirit

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Sickness reveals that something is wrong with the body. In most cases, we can endure minor sicknesses, which might last for a season, but then are over. Yet the Bible tells us that ultimately there is something worse than a physical ailment: having a “broken spirit.”

Our spirits can be broken in many ways: failures and defeats, disappointments and rejection, the comments of others, events and reactions, and mistakes we have made.

When our spirits are broken, we can feel the impact on our emotions and perceptions. This can lead to discouragement and depression, despair, and a feeling of hopelessness. It can weigh us down, impair our judgment, and poison our relationships.

Anyone can have a broken spirit – poor or rich, young or old, regardless of our background and race, or where we live. This impact reminds us of why we need an intimate relationship with God. We need to be people of prayer, continually bringing our problems and concerns to Him. Seek His help and forgiveness. Confess our sins. Be filled with His Spirit that we might have His joy and peace. Seek His help in our relationships with others.

Be sure you trust in God. Be confident that He will provide for your every need. Fill your mind with His Word. Seek to think His thoughts. If you battle a broken spirit, turn to Him. Share your burdens with Him. Seek the freedom and healing only He can provide.