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Covenant Partner Program

by Inspiration Ministries

God Rewards Obedience

Matthew 13 tells us that Sowing is a task only a few are willing to do, but the rewards sweeten the effort. There’s a principle set forth by God that he knows to follow. It’s the principle of Seedtime and Harvest; and the Sower knows the bountiful Harvest will be worth the small sacrifice. If he plants his Seed near thorns, the thorns will rise up and choke the plant out. But, if he Sows his Seed on Good Ground — ground that’s been prepared to yield a Harvest — HE WILL YIELD A GENEROUS CROP.

Take the next step to demonstrate your obedience to God so YOU can yield a generous crop! Sow your Seed into the Good Ground of Inspiration Ministries by committing a monthly Seed gift of $25 (£15) or more and become an Inspiration Ministries Covenant Partner.


As you become an Inspiration Ministries Covenant Partner, we will bless you with the Inspiration Sower Statue. It’s an original, one-of-a-kind bronze figure symbolizing God’s eternal principle of Seedtime and Harvest, and it was commissioned exclusively for our Covenant Partners.

This gift will be given as a “thank you” and to serve as a faithful reminder that those who Sow generously will also Reap generously.

Remember, the Seeds you Sow today will decide your Harvests of tomorrow.

The Lord sees your Seeds, and He will be faithful to unveil His wonderful plan and provision for YOUR life!

Sow a Monthly Seed

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