Tina Yeager

Tina Yeager also hosts the Flourish-Meant podcast and publishes Inkspirations Online, a weekly devotional for writers. She has won over thirty writing awards, including a 2020 Golden Scroll Award and 2013 FCWC Writer of the Year. Her fiction and nonfiction strive to clarify how we might relate better to others, to ourselves, and to God. Licensed as a counselor since 2005, she has over twenty years of experience teaching adults, teens, and children in academic, clinical, and faith-based settings. Learn more at tinayeager.com

How to Overcome Fear

Since the dawn of time, fear’s shivers have ravaged the earth. Its shudders have unsettled us all…

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Beautiful Warrior: Hello, My Name Isn’t
Beautiful Warrior: Hello, My Name Isn’t

Book excerpt from Beautiful Warrior: Finding Victory Over the Lies Formed Against You Introduction:…

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Why Was I Born
Why Was I Born?

If you’ve ever wondered why you were born, you’re not alone. The search for life’s meaning has…

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