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Robin Stearns Lee

Ever since penning an elementary school assignment about her baby sister who could cry for hours without shedding a tear, Robin Stearns Lee has loved expressing her heart through writing. Her inspirational stories appear in several anthologies, newspapers, and on Amazon’s self-publishing platform. Robin is a wife, mother, and grandmother, and when not touring the country by RV, she and her husband lead a Small Group at their church in the South Carolina Low Country. Learn more at robinstearnslee.wordpress.com

What Does God Look Like?

My nephew, Chad, has been blind from birth. It amazes me when I visit that he knows me before I…

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What Does It Mean to Fear God?

Have you ever wondered why the Bible instructs us to fear God? Does that mean we should be afraid…

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Is This What Heaven Is Like?

During the last weeks of my mom’s life, I was privileged to talk to her about her faith and to read…

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