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Pat Bradley

In September 2000, Pat Bradley witnessed the results of the genocide in South Sudan first hand and knew at that moment "doing nothing" was not an option. His helplessness turned into action as he returned to the United States to raise money for starving people in "no-go zones" where starvation, disease, and danger are a part of everyday life. He soon returned to provide bags of rice to Sudanese people in need. A humble beginning turned into life-saving efforts for people in crisis living in eleven different countries. In 2002, Crisis Aid was officially incorporated. Today, Crisis Aid currently concentrates its efforts in East Africa and the United States. Once Pat took that first step to "do something" others quickly joined, enabling Crisis Aid to deliver a wide variety of resources over the years. Together with its partners, Crisis Aid has provided more than 17.8 million pounds of food, served 2.6 million adults and malnourished children, and 1,378 sex trafficking victims helped, the youngest being 4 years of age. Learn more at CrisisAid.org.

Looking Back Over My Shoulder

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Serving God Through Serving Others

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