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Eric Eichinger

Best-selling author and pastor Eric Eichinger, a gifted storyteller, possesses the rare gift of exploring the attributes of those considered heroic to astonishing and gripping effect, as he demonstrated with his No. 1 Amazon best-seller, The Final Race. Today, in his 15th year behind a pulpit, Eichinger is the senior pastor of Bethel Lutheran in Clearwater, Florida. He and his wife Kara rejoice in the blessings God has poured into their lives, not the least of which are their three children—Elsie (13), Lukas (11), and Isaak (6), a jackpot trifecta of youthful delight. Learn more at ericeichinger.com

Always Winter, Never Christmas

Excerpt Taken from Chapter 4 “An Ominous Crossing” of Lord of Legends: Jesus’ Redemption Quest by…

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Faith by Numbers

Excerpt taken from Faith by Numbers: Deciphering Doctrine with Biblical Numerology by Eric T.…

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