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More Than Your Past

February 19 – 25 

First off, GREATER is on Monday night!! This is a true-faith-story must-watch about Brandon Burlsworth, the greatest walk-on in college football history. Even if you don’t like football, Brandon is the kind of person you’ll wish you knew. You’ll be inspired by his character, kindness, and diligence as he struggled through skills that didn’t come easily & a whole lot of people who didn’t think he’d amount to much.

Next, know this: You are also more than your past.

“If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away…the new has come”
—2 Corinthians 5:17

This week, Inspiration TV shares powerful stories about shedding the damage of the past & entering into fullness of life. Whether it’s something you’ve done, something you struggled through, or something that’s happened to you—it’s part of your story, but it’s not who you are.

Get Ready to Overcome … Like They Did!

This week, Inspiration TV is playing a lot of my favorites. There are some truly outstanding, well-made films in the bunch, but above and beyond that, I love the message. How often do we get stuck in who we were … or who other people think we are?

Brandon Burlsworth confronted that in GREATER and lived out the legacy God had for him in the time he had. God’s plan is never quite what we’re expecting. But it is always good—even when we don’t immediately understand it.

In KING’S FAITH, Brendan King is a former gang member, saved by faith while in juvenile detention. His life and well-worn Bible attest to how sincere his heart change is. But a lot of folks are still cautious about seeing beyond his rough past—even with a respected teacher, played by veteran actor James McDaniel, in his corner. Still, it’s not a fight against flesh and blood. And when Brendan’s former gang starts harassing people in his new community, Brendan will have to learn to let God do the fighting.

Sometimes our “past” has more to do with poverty and a deeply ingrained history of discrimination. How can someone journey beyond something that big? In the Oscar-nominated classic SOUNDER, starring the legendary Cicely Tyson, we travel with young David Lee out of his sharecropper home to find his father and a new way of seeing the world around him.

Then Friday, get ready to be touched and encouraged by another movie based on a true story—A CHANCE IN THE WORLD. Stephen doesn’t remember his mother or much about where he comes from. He’s trying to figure out who he is as he grows up in an abusive foster family that fills him with hideous lies about his worthlessness. Find out how he finds freedom from the lies and abuse into the future God has for him with the help of a special teacher (played by Saving Private Ryan’s Tom Sizemore).

God Grows You Beyond Your Past

In order to identify and grow beyond the enemy’s lies about who you are and what you’re worth, you need to know what GOD has to say about you. Brandy Shiloh shows you how to be WALKING IN THE WORD. With clear, practical teaching, Brandy helps you grow closer to God through knowledge of the Bible and how to live it out in your life. (WED 6:30 p.m. ET, 18:30 UK | THURS 10 a.m. ET, 10:00 UK)

God has a great future and hope for you! He has a treasured identity for you—anchored in your relationship with Him & the purpose He designed you for! We are honored to be part of your discipleship in Christ, here at Inspiration TV.

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