Steps of Faith

Faith Houston, an accountant from Dallas, lives a comfortable life with a loving family. She only attends church occasionally, living a lukewarm spiritual life. But all that changes one day when she hears the voice of God, who tells her to quit her job, move far away to a small town and work on a farm providing therapy horse riding to children.

When she shares this news with her family, they make fun of her and refuse to understand her vision. But Faith feels a newfound passion for what God is calling her to do, and although she’s had a bad record taking care of pets and children, she’s determined to do it.

After arriving at Steps of Faith Hippotherapy Farm, a very determined Faith must then convince the cynical owner, Belle, and Marshall, the main ranch hand, to let her work there. At the same time, a budding romance also begins between Faith and Marshall.

Over time, Faith begins to improve at her job and is even given opportunities to work with the children. But when a child is almost badly injured, Faith questions God’s calling on her life and quickly heads back home in tears.


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