Hamlet & Hutch

Hamlet and Hutch is a family-friendly film about courage and second chances. Veteran actor Burt Reynolds stars as Papa Hutch, a former Broadway actor now suffering from Alzheimer’s.

Papa Hutch moves down South to be cared for by his granddaughter, Tatum (Elizabeth Leiner, Drop Dead Diva), and his great-granddaughter, Liv (Emma Rayne Lyle, Blue), who know nothing about his condition. The family also takes in a rescue dog—a greyhound named Hamlet (Turbo).

Sound simple? The story brings to life the experience of Alzheimer’s for Papa Hutch, as well as those he lives with. These issues will take center stage as they navigate the challenges of saving the local theatre—and dealing with Hamlet’s disappearance when he gets away from Papa Hutch. [TV-G]

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