Evolution vs. God

In his incomparable style, Ray Comfort debunks evolution as scientific theory and exposes it as a faith-based belief inferior to creationism. Interviewing proponents of evolution – average citizens, college students, professors, and scientists – Comfort shows himself a master at revealing the cracks in Darwinian thought and logic.

When asked to provide observable, testable evidence for Darwinian evolution, proponents of evolution struggle to give any support and are forced to admit that evolution is largely more of a belief system than a scientific conclusion.

Comfort goes on to counter other aspects of the evolution fallacy, including vestigial organ arguments and atheist claims of support from such intellectuals as Carl Sagan, Thomas Edison, Benjamin Franklin, and Mark Twain. Comfort’s skillful probes and extensive research effectively erode the evolutionary argument, revealing creationism as a superior approach to the question of how life began.


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