Inspiration Ministries: Making a World of Difference in 2019

As we approach the end of the year, it is a good time to reflect on how God has used the ministry of Inspiration TV to touch people with the Gospel around the world in 2019.

Since its inception, the top priority of Inspiration Ministries has been to introduce people to Jesus. We have been blessed to have people come to Christ after viewing our programs, reading articles on our website, interacting with people through our social media network, or speaking to our prayer counselors on the phone or through instant message.

In recent years, however, we have seen the number of people receiving Jesus Christ as their Savior through the various outreaches of Inspiration Ministries grow exponentially. We are on target to see 2.5 million people come to Christ in 2019! As new believers come into the Kingdom, they are introduced to the Inspiration Prayer Center where they receive kindness, compassion, and support as they begin their journey with Christ. They are also introduced to our online discipleship classes, our Strengthen Your Walk videos with David Cerullo, and our Daily Devotions.


Another vibrant outreach is Inspiration TV, where the Gospel is being broadcast 24-hours-a-day to a vast audience – many who have never heard this message. A number of these precious souls live in nations where it’s illegal to tell people about Jesus by traditional preaching. Now we live in a day where technological advances have erased many of the governmental barriers. People all over the world are installing digital connections in their homes and satellite dishes on their rooftops!

An exciting feature introduced this year is our Video on Demand (VOD). Now in addition to watching the Inspiration TV lineup of in-depth Bible teaching, informative talk shows, entertaining and inspiring movies, and insightful documentaries live, viewers can now pull up their favorite programs any time through VOD.

Discipleship and Social Media

God is also using Inspiration Ministries to touch millions of people across the globe through social media and our flagship website, By visiting, readers have numerous opportunities to read and learn about the Word of God. Among the options to dive into are daily devotionals, testimonials, videos, and articles ranging from career and finance to marriage and family, and from health and nutrition to entertainment – all from a biblical worldview. There is truly something for everyone seeking a closer relationship with or better understanding of God on our website.
With every like, comment, and share on our social media accounts or every click on our website, you are helping spread the Word to those who need to hear God’s message.

Inspiration Ministries continues to have a strong social media presence, particularly on Facebook with more than 2.3 million followers. In order to connect more like-minded individuals in need of prayer, we recently introduced a new Prayer Group on Facebook. The purpose of the group is to provide a place for people from around the world to come together and lift each other up in prayer. Not only does your request for a prayer reach all corners of the globe, but Inspiration Ministries’ Prayer Ministry Team prays over all the requests as well.

Inspiration Books

In 2019, Inspiration Ministries introduced a new series of books titled “Simple Steps.” Each book in the series covers a different topic and provides an easy plan to overcome different challenges many people face in their daily lives. We published six titles this year with plans to release many more in the future. The first six editions cover a broad range of subject matter: handling stress, health and wellness, lasting happiness, abundant living, and having a healthy self-esteem and grateful heart.

You Can Help Make a Difference

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