Health & Addictions

Explore issues that might be impacting you, even if you’re already walking with God. You might be facing challenges like battling an addiction, or dealing with death, depression, unemployment or insecurity, but God will never abandon you. We provide insight so you can continue your walk with strength.  See More

Intimacy with God

Find comfort in knowing that above all else, God loves you and desires a relationship with you. Use the resources here to gain insight into God’s goodness as you explore topics like thankfulness, fruits of the Spirit, what it means to be faithful, and the healing powers of praise and worship. See More


Take time to learn to balance what’s going on in both the economy around you and your personal budget. Topics include information about debt solutions, the importance of Sowing a Seed for a fruitful harvest and how God’s other amazing blessings can actually help balance your budget with your faith. See More

Seedtime & Harvest

It’s a scriptural truth that “God loves a cheerful giver” (2 Corinthians 9:7). We want to help you fulfill God’s desire through these resources where you’ll learn about unexpected blessings that will flow back into your lives. Your generosity to God not only touches Him, it also changes you. See More


Relationships are one of the great gifts that God has blessed us with, but they can also be fraught with challenge. While the dynamics may seem never-ending–whether it’s children, parents, extended family, friends, spouses, marriage, or dating–God’s word provides insight to help us live in harmony. See More

Biblical Principles

Have fun exploring the many fundamental principles of the Bible such as Practical Christian Living, the Miracle of Christ’s Birth, the tools needed for Spiritual Warfare, and more.  If you’ve ever had questions about the main beliefs and doctrines of the Bible, our goal is to help you find your answers here. See More

Current Events

What’s happening in the world around you? We’ll not only connect you with the latest news on books, culture, movies, television, and music, but we’ll share information about God’s miracles, religious persecution and other topics that are timely, current, and relevant to God’s Word. See More

God’s Promises

God’s promises have the power to sustain you in many ways. Here you’ll be able to find comfort and insight as you grow your knowledge about His blessings and promise of eternal life. You’ll also gain deeper insight and encouragement into the awesome power of His protection, salvation, and favor. See More


God has asked that we “give that which is within us” (Luke 11:40). Gain insight into topics such as discipleship, evangelism, and other outreaches so you may respond to God’s Word and join a shared vision to cover the earth with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord. See More