Your Next is Better

Your Next Is Better Than Your Now!

James PayneBy James Payne5 Minutes

Did you know your next is better than your now? The promise of your future overshadows the dead-end days of the present.

God is giving you the opportunity to water your own harvest – to nourish the seeds that will provide for your own miracle.

He’s just waiting on you to pick up your heavy jug and run to the well.

Remember the story of Abraham’s son Isaac and his wife Rebekah? What a great love story. In Genesis 24, we read how Abraham sent his most trusted servant back to his country to find a wife for Isaac. The servant took ten camels with him packed with gold, jewels, and spices.

After reaching his destination, he made his camels kneel down outside the city by the well in the evening when the women came to draw water. He prayed to God that the woman who was right for Isaac would tell him “drink and I will give your camels a drink also” (v. 14) when he asked her to draw water for him. The miraculous was about to happen.

Before he was even done praying, Rebekah came to the well. Can you picture this scene? Here’s this beautiful peasant girl. She had her pitcher on her shoulder carrying the water. Her body wasn’t adorned with jewels. Her dress was plain. Her hands were calloused. Her back hurt, and her arms were tired because of the menial, everyday task of drawing water from the well and watering the livestock.

This girl hated to see a new day come because she knew she had the same thing to look forward to day in, day out. But, you see, this day was going to be different. This was a day of breakthrough!

The servant saw this beautiful woman down by the well with a jug full of water. He stopped her and said, “Could I have a drink of water?” And the Bible says she took the jug down off of her shoulder and began to pour some water into his hands to drink.

She then said something that he was waiting to hear. She said, “Let me water your camels also.”

She didn’t have to pray or fast about it. She didn’t have to say I’ll think about it. She was given an opportunity to obtain a blessing by ministering to someone else’s needs … and she seized it. In fact, she literally had to run back and forth from the well over and over to water those camels. She was on a mission and nothing was getting in the way of her receiving her blessing.

As soon as Rebekah poured out that last drop of water, the man of God took some gold earrings from a pack on one of his camels and put them on her. He put gold bracelets on her arms. He put a gold ring in her nose.

The man of God adorned her from head to foot – and it changed her. This peasant girl, who worked so hard day after day, began to look different. She began to feel differently. She began to act differently. She was thrust into the transformation process that would lead to her becoming Isaac’s bride … and the change was real.

Rebekah did what God asked her to do, and in the process, she watered her own harvest. Hallelujah!

This story is a great example of when God begins to bless His children – when He begins to bring us out of poverty and into prosperity … out of sin into salvation … out of bondage into freedom.

We are completely transformed, and just like Rebekah, our next is better than our now.