Walking in the Freedom of Your Faith

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries3 Minutes

Are you one of the many people who have allowed the problems of the “now” enslave you from the promises of the future?

If so, it’s time to leave that thinking behind and remember the sacrifice that was made for you on the cross. Only then will you be able to move forward to the place of complete and total freedom that God promised you.

You see, it doesn’t matter what problems you may be facing, they cannot stop God’s plan for your life!

You must always have an expectation of the promise of God not only coming alive in your life, but faith that you’re going to be everything He said you’re going to be — regardless of the problems you may be currently facing.

You could be facing financial problems, physical problems, marriage problems, or more; but you must trust that God is preparing you for a greater anointing. Remember: God doesn’t make mistakes!

Is the Devil Claiming Your Promise?

If you can’t perceive the bright future God has planned for you, then you allow the devil to keep you in your present circumstances — you allow the devil to defeat the promise of your faith.

But faith is more than a mere belief. You can believe God’s provision exists, and not ever get close to it, just like the children of Israel believed there was a promised land but their doubts and fears kept them from walking into the promise!

Faith goes out and takes hold of what is in the mind of God and reveals your future now so you can stop worrying about whatever it is that is taking your mind from His promise.

Use these four steps to change the circumstances you are facing so you can open the promises of the future:

  • Refuse to tolerate what you know is not from God in your life
  • Repent of any sin that has contributed to your circumstances
  • Rely on Him to replace old, negative habits with new, positive habits
  • Request His mercy, strength, and courage; and obey as you humble yourself before Him

The very breakthrough you need is tied to your relationship with God. Have you been praying to Him, asking for intercession in your life? If not, use the link below and one of our anointed prayer ministers will stand by you as you lift your needs to Him.

Let God hear from you. Let Him know you are casting out the devil who is keeping you locked in your present circumstances.

Let God know you are ready for the bright future He has planned for you!