There Is Power in the Names of Jesus

There Is Power in the Names of Jesus

Dr. Tony EvansBy Dr. Tony Evans4 Minutes

Praying through the names of Jesus will bring you closer to Him.

The power of Jesus’ names exists in many forms. His love, might, strength, mercy, forgiveness, grace, rule, and multiple other expressions of who He is show up in the many names by which He is known. Whatever your need, Jesus has a name for it. This is because all that is needed for you to live your life to the fullest is found in Him (John 10:10). He is your rescuer, redeemer, counselor, and friend.

Tony Evans’s latest book, Praying Through the Names of Jesus, provides guided prayers for you to use to call on the various names of Jesus. To call on one of His names is to call on the character and attributes represented by those particular names. Numerous names of Jesus are sprinkled throughout Scripture. Each one relates to an expression of who He is and how He relates to you. As you pray according to His names, you will grow more intimate with Him, seeking Him based on the revelation He’s placed in your heart.

The following is an excerpt from his book. Each recorded prayer in the book is based on the prayer acronym ACTS: Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, and Supplication. It is a structure wherein our prayers can cover important aspects of communication with God.


Jesus, Your name as the door speaks of how You allow me to enter into the presence of God. It speaks of You standing in the gap, which divides sinful humanity from a holy God. It speaks of You as the passageway between this world and the next dimension, in which we get to experience the unending knowledge and love of God. I praise You for being this door, which gives me hope. I do not have to live my life in fear of the future because You have promised You are the door to glory.


Jesus, forgive me for choosing so many other doors in this existence as I’ve sought satisfaction, pleasure, status, and my own glory. Forgive me for knocking on other doors and pursuing other ways to my purpose, when my purpose is clearly and entirely rooted in You. Forgive me for failing to speak up to others in order to tell them that You are the door to eternal glory as well as abundant life on earth.


Jesus, thank You for how You lead me. Like a sheep who wanders and does not know the safest direction to travel, I also wander in my life. Your loving guidance always directs me back to You – the door to safety. You are the door to my purpose. You are the door to my happiness. Thank You for guiding me to You so faithfully and for providing Your peace when I rest in You. Help me enter through the door so that I may discover the joy of your presence in every moment of my life.


Jesus, protect me from my own ego. Protect me from my own sinful flesh. Protect me from my own mind, which tries to steer me off course. I do not know which door to go through. You have to show me which one is You. I ask for Your gentle guidance in my life so that I may find You every step of the way. The world holds many dangers, but when I abide in You as The Door, I am kept safe. Show me the way to You so that I can live with the peace that comes from Your loving protection.