The Worth of God’s Word Today

Dr. Michael StevensBy Dr. Michael Stevens4 Minutes

So how much worth does the Word of God have for you today? I want to talk just a few moments about the worth yes, the worth of God’s Word. Hebrews 4:12 reminds us all that the Word of God is living and powerful. We need the Word in this season like never before.

We’ve come out of a very challenging season and as we rebuild, as we rebound, as we move forward, we need the power and the practice of God’s Word. And so, I want to talk about the worth of God’s Word.

This reminds me of a story about a rich business owner who had a very viable set of diamonds. And a poor beggar came to this rich business owner and he begged for food. He begged for water. He said, “Listen, I’m hungry and I’m destitute. I’m in need.” So that rich business owner had compassion on that beggar. He gave him the largest diamond he had.

He went on his business and three or four days later and in the middle of the night, there’s a knock at the door. And lo and behold, it’s that poor beggar. He’s at the door of this rich business owner. He says, “Listen, thank you so much for giving me this wonderful gift of the diamond, but I no longer want the diamond.” Of course, the business owner was confused and somewhat dismayed. He said, “I don’t want the diamond. I want what’s inside of you that gave me the diamond.”

You know what was inside that business owner? The Word of God. Why? Because the Word of God is quick. It’s powerful. It’s effective. It’s relevant. And because of the Word of God in that business owner’s life, it transcended to everyone around him. Friends, I want to encourage you today to understand the value , the precedence, the meaning, the significance, of the Word of God. Find yourself reading the Bible again like never before. Find yourself studying the Word.

Someone said, “What’s the difference between reading and studying?” Well, when you read, you read once. But when you study, you read it twice again and again. Get the jewels, the riches, the wealth, and the worth from God’s Word. I promise it will bless you and it will bless those that are around you.

And just like that rich business owner, there’s something inside that comes out because of the Word of God. Again, please realize that God’s Word speaks. It’s living. It’s powerful. Find the worth of God in your life and use it to bless so many other people. I’d like to pray with you before we close this particular study.

Father, in the mighty and matchless name of Your Son Jesus, we thank You for the gift of the worth of Your Word. And may today it mean so much. May it bring so much value and honor to the lives of men and women. And God, may Your Word bring such value to those that will listen and hear because of the worth of the Word in our lives. I ask that you would bless these my precious friends in Christ’s name, amen.

Remember this: the worth of God’s Word can change not only your life, but those lives that are around you.