The Wonders of God’s Prophetic Word Today

Dr. Michael StevensBy Dr. Michael StevensDecember 14, 20214 Minutes

During this Authority in the Word series, we looked at the wealth of the Word, the worth of the Word, and the witness of the Word. What about the wonder of God’s prophetic word? When I think about the prophetic word of God, 2 Peter comes to mind. Chapter 1 verse 19. We have this prophetic word confirmed. Peter says you’ll do real good if you heed and listen.

We know that this prophetic word didn’t just come from man. It didn’t just come from happenstance. The prophetic word comes from holy men and women who will move by God in the Holy Spirit to minister to you. I love the prophetic word of God. And I believe we need His prophetic word in this season and in seasons to come. We’re rebuilding and we’re rebounding. We’re growing, we’re increasing. But what about a prophetic word from heaven?

I believe this: One prophetic word can bring to pass all of God’s promises. Yes, we understand the Rhema, the word that comes in spoken form. We understand the logos word. But we don’t give a lot of attention to God’s prophetic word. I love how Jeremiah coined it. He said in chapter 1, verse 11 – “I hasten over my word. Or I watch over my word to perform it for you.”

My dear friends, if God made a promise to you. If God has given you His prophetic word, you can take it to the bank. That word, should He delay His coming, He will bring to pass. The word of God prophetically – it’s the final authority. The word of God brings healing and deliverance. The word, particularly the prophetic word of God, will prosper you.

There was a conversation in 2 Chronicles 20:20 where Jehoshaphat told Israel listen, at the end of the day if you will believe in the Lord, you’ll be established. If you believe in his prophets, or maybe his prophetic word, you my dear friends can prosper.

I want to encourage you to have a glorious, bright, promising, spirit-filled future. But I believe that God’s prophetic word can make all the difference for you. God made a promise to you. He makes a promise to your family. He makes a promise to your home. He makes a promise to your future. And through that prophetic word, through that word that is yet coming to pass, that God will perform and provide for you, great things can happen.

Do not despise prophecy. Don’t look down on the prophetic in this day and time. God uses these things. He uses His Word, to build, to encourage, to prosper, and to bless you. I encourage every one of you to listen and to be ready for God’s prophetic word. For when it comes, it will bring change. It will bring increase. It will prosper your life. May you go forth in his prophetic word.