The Witness of God’s Word Today

Dr. Michael StevensBy Dr. Michael StevensDecember 10, 20214 Minutes

I’d like to talk to you today about the witness of God’s Word. James chapter 1 talks about the Word of God. In fact James really goes a little deeper in really encouraging you and I, the Christian believer, to not just hear the Word, but to do the Word. In fact, when you read James 1:22 it says, “Be doers of the Word and not just hearers only deceiving yourselves. For if anyone hears the Word of God and is not a doer, well he’s kind of like a man, right? A man who observes his natural face in the mirror, for he observes himself and goes away and immediately forgets what type of man he was.”

So what does it really mean to understand the witness of God’s Word? I think it’s important that you know that when you have a witness of God’s Word, it basically gives you insight. It gives you a little sense of instruction and it gives you some inspiration moving forward of why God’s Word is relevant and is needed and essential in our lives.

I kind of like what the late F.B. Meyer said. I’m gonna read and quote directly to you what he wrote. He said “If I’m in an unknown country and I’m informed that I must pass through a valley where the sun is hidden, or maybe even over a bit of a stony road, to reach my abiding place, when I come to it, each moment of shadow or each jolt of the carriage, it will tell me that I’m on the right road.”

You know, the witness of God’s Word will tell you that you’re on the right road. No matter the of the valley and no matter the jolt of the carriage, even as rocky and as turbulent as it might be, you’re on the right road. I wanna encourage every one of you today to take the witness of God’s Word. When I read the Bible at home, or when I read the Bible in my time of study, it prepares me. It allows me to know, you know what? It’s gonna be some turbulence. It’s gonna be a rocky start. Things will happen. There will be challenges. There will be obstacles.

There will be things that maybe you weren’t prepared for but – because the Word of God gave me a witness – I can better prepare for those days that are yet ahead. Hebrews 4:2 says this: “For indeed the Gospel was preached to them and the Gospel was preached to us. But because they did mix it by faith, the Word didn’t prosper them.”

Friends, I want the Word of God to prosper you by being the best witness that it can be. How does that happen? By reading the Word of God and by having faith that it is a witness for my insight; for my inspiration and for my influence moving forward. Remember this: it is the witness of God’s word that prepares you for a better tomorrow. It is the witness of God’s word that’ll prepare you for even, yes, challenging times. But thanks be unto God Who gives us the victory, and He always causes us to triumph.