The Key to Breakthrough Faith

David CerulloBy David Cerullo7 Minutes

Friend, the message I’m about to share with you is spiritual dynamite. It’s so simple, yet so often neglected: When you combine the promises of God’s Word with a passion to seek Him in prayer…MIRACLES HAPPEN!

So, what do you need from God today? Be specific. Do you need a physical healing? Deliverance from an addiction? Freedom from worry? A restored relationship with a loved one?

Remember Jesus’ words in Mark 10:27:

“With God ALL THINGS are possible!”

As you combine God’s promises with the power of prayer, you can overcome problems that have plagued you for years. You also can release God’s miracles in the lives of your friends and loved ones, and you can join with other believers in seeking to transform your nation.

But in order to get your breakthrough, you may have to add PATIENCE and PERSISTENCE to your faith (Hebrews 6:12). The answer you seek may take some time, and you may have to battle for your breakthrough:

  • Like the widow who continually petitioned the unjust judge, you must pray until your breakthrough comes (Luke 18:1-8).
  • Just as Jacob was willing to wrestle with God all night until the blessing came, you will need to hang on to God’s promises with steadfast faith (Genesis 32:24-30).
  • Even though you see only scant evidence on the horizon, you must proclaim that your victory is at hand (1 Kings 18:41-45).

When you’re willing to exhibit this kind of determined, radical faith, you can expect explosive results. Yet be prepared for a fight. For in order to receive your breakthrough, you may need to literally “break through” some daunting circumstances.

Digging a Hole in the Roof

One day Jesus was teaching in someone’s home in Capernaum. News had spread, and there was a packed house: “Soon the house where he was staying was so packed with visitors that there was no more room, even outside the door” (Mark 2:2). About that time, four men arrived late to the meeting. They needed a miracle—not for themselves, but for a paralyzed friend they were carrying on a mat.

However, there was a problem, and it seemed insurmountable. The crowd was so great, it looked impossible to get the paralyzed man to Jesus. Most of us would have given up at that point. After all, they had done their best. And they already had carried the man a considerable distance.

But these men didn’t quit. Devising a very creative solution, they climbed on the rooftop and dug a hole through the roof above where Jesus was sitting. Then they found a way to lower the man on his mat, right in front of the Lord!

The people listening to Jesus’ message were probably quite annoyed at this rude interruption. And I’m sure the man who owned the house wasn’t happy about the hole dug in his roof!

But we’re told that Jesus SAW their faith, and He took notice (v. 5). I love that, don’t you? While people sometimes speak of “faith” as if it’s some kind of nebulous and intangible force, this story illustrates that true faith is something you can SEE! And make no mistake about it: When we take a step of faith and obedience, the Lord always notices.

Consider your life today. Do you have an active, dynamic, obedient faith, like these four men displayed? Is your faith audacious enough to dig a hole in someone’s roof in order to bring a friend to Jesus?

Because of these men’s faith and their willing to dig past every obstacle in their way, their friend’s life was radically transformed. First, Jesus forgave his sins. Then He told the paralyzed man, “Stand up, pick up your mat, and go home!” (v. 11)

People were amazed when the man “jumped up, grabbed his mat, and walked through the stunned onlookers” (v. 12). But this miraculous outcome occurred because four men took a bold step of faith to bring their paralyzed friend to the Savior.

Preparing for Your Breakthrough

Most of us need some kind of breakthrough today, whether in our own life or the life of a friend or loved one. The paralyzed man needed a physical healing, but you probably know someone who needs God to intervene in their marriage, their children, their emotions, or their career. And I’m sure you also know someone who needs to be brought to the feet of Jesus in order to receive His life-changing salvation.

Whatever the need may be, I encourage you to pause and ask God for His instructions today. Is there a friend who needs your help? Is there a “roof” you must dig through? Is there a Seed you need to Sow?

No matter what need you or your loved ones may be facing today, I encourage you to obey God and then believe His promises as you pray. When you have done your part, stand in faith and never give up. As Jesus encouraged us in Matthew 7:7:

“Keep asking…keep seeking…
and keep knocking!”

I am joining my prayers with yours today. We’re asking God to draw you into greater intimacy with Him so He can give you fantastic blessings and breakthroughs on your journey of faith.

God bless you!

David Cerullo