Take the Next Right: Traveling Together

Kim CrabillBy Kim Crabill5 Minutes

When we began this series on signs, I have to admit I had no idea what God would use as our last sign, but God did. And oh my goodness, did He save the very best road sign for last? It’s so important that we will use our last two times together to fully explore its meaning in our spiritual lives.

Hello everyone and welcome to Take the Next Right. This series that is literally taking the Scriptures to the streets and the streets to the Scripture, to the highways and to the byways all to see how God can strengthen our walk by using everyday road signs to guide our daily spiritual walk.

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So, what will be our final road sign? I thought about it. I prayed about it. I had lots of ideas, but then God totally surprised me with what I know He had been saving all along. Can you guess? Any idea what it could be? Drum roll, please! Here it is, our final sign in our Take the Next Right series is the HOV Lane.

What? I know you may need what my grandchildren call “splaining.” I know I did at first, so let’s do that. The HOV lane — the sign is for the high-occupancy vehicle lane — what many call the carpool lane. An HOV lane is reserved for vehicles with a driver and one or more passengers. You can’t drive in the HOV lane alone, period. That’s important to know that if you don’t want to have traffic fines.

It’s even more important to know if you want to navigate life in the way God has designed for us. You see, the HOV sign goes right along with how God tells us to travel through this world, not alone. He knows that we need each other in this journey through life, that having someone with us is so much better than trying to go at it on our own.

The HOV sign hasn’t been around that long. I remember when it was installed, but the truth is, the HOV lane was not a human invention at all. If we go all back to the Bible — all the way back — we see that God has always paired us. He has always put us in twos. In Genesis, we read that God created Adam, then in no amount of time at all, God said, “It’s not good for him to be alone.” So, he created Eve to go along with him. He saw that they needed each other.

God’s been pairing up people ever since. He paired up Moses and Aaron. He paired up David and Nathan. He paired up Naomi and Ruth. Much later Jesus came along and called the twelve disciples. He called them individually, but He most often paired them for ministry. When He sent out the seventy for ministry in Luke 10, He sent them out in twos. When He needed a donkey for Palm Sunday, Luke 19:29-30 tells us he sent a pair of His disciples. How about that? It was the first early HOV lane.

When we continue into the book of Acts, we see more pairs. Peter and John, for instance, or Paul and Barnabas. But what is the principle here? What does God want us to understand? It is this. God did not make us to travel alone. He wants us to have those who walk this life with us. What He is doing in our lives and in the world around us can be so intense that it is hard to grasp on our own. It is difficult to absorb it.

But when we have a few other people around us with whom we can process with and pray, then we are more likely to persevere during the hardest of times.

Well friends, thank you so much for joining me today. Next time, we will conclude our series with the HOV relationships and what I call the three T’s it takes to form these life-traveling relationships. We look forward to seeing you then as we look to God’s Word to strengthen our walk.

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