Spiritual Detox: The Wrap Up

Kim CrabillBy Kim Crabill6 Minutes

Imagine this …

You’ve just completed a 30-day physical fast from sugar. What began as an exercise in irritability and nausea in Week One has left you feeling lighter, energetic, and clear-headed by the end of the month. Finally, the detox is over, and your friend invites you to lunch. And it happens!!! The dessert cart appears and you hear yourself say, “Just this once!”

After scarfing down a huge piece of chocolate lava cake, you crash. Hard. Your reaction to the sugar is even more intense than before you detoxed!

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Well, let me assure you … friends, it’s the same spiritually! And so, as we come to the last day of our Spiritual Detox program, I think it would behoove us to talk about how to finish strong and just as importantly how to stay strong.

Hello everyone and welcome to Strengthen Your Walk … I’m Kim Crabill.

Thank you for joining me the past 10 days. As we conclude our time together, I’d like to remind you once again that progress … not perfection … has been our goal. Please remember that we will each miss the mark at times and veer off from our intentions and God’s expectations. So be kind to yourself … and patient! Remember when you mess up … fess up (repent) and keep on keeping on — stay intentional in your process.

Abstinence while detoxing is important, but not paramount. What makes the detox so valuable are the results, followed by the choices we make after the initial detox time!

Remember these words … record them because I can guarantee you that after our time together, you’ll find yourself, as I do so often, sounding like the apostle Paul:

I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do, I do not do, but what I hate I do (Romans 7:15 NIV).

If you relate to these words, take heart friend! It’s not the end of the world or your spiritual detoxing because remember detoxing is an ongoing, lifelong process! It’s changing from the inside out …

Two more things before we leave …

First, and this is soooo amazing, no matter what we “think” we are doing for God, God is always at work doing something greater for us. As we have been working from the inside out to honor God in and through our actions … look closely at this scripture about our actions:

Little children, let us love not in word and speech, but in action and truth. By this, we will know that we belong to the truth, and will assure our hearts in His presence (1 John 3:18-19 AMP).

Yes, our actions speak to others, but just as important is how God uses our God-honoring actions to speak to us!

He uses our actions to confirm in our hearts that we belong to Him!

That’s so amazing to me, but that’s the God we serve!

And finally, when we began, I promised biblical principles to guide us along the way. They were called the Spiritual Detox Seven “R” Plan. Beginning with our heart and proceeding through our thoughts, words, and actions we have Read God’s Word to Recognize where we can detox, we have Repented as needed and then RejectedReplacedRejoiced, and Recorded. As I was about to shut the books on this study, God gave me one more R to add — although I’d written 7 in the detox plan, God showed me there’s actually 8.

I want to give you what God just gave to me: our eighth and final “R” in our detox program … and I hope you will take it to heart.

Number 8 … Refuse.

We must refuse to quit!

Let’s continue on! Detoxing is more than a 10-session one-and-done faddish way of living. It’s a lifestyle! It is not rules and regulations and it’s not about all we can’t do. Spiritual Detox is about freedom! Freedom from all that will try to slow us down so that we might truly discover all God has planned for us to do — and friends, standing on God’s Word, we know what God has planned for us is greater than anything we could ever imagine.

So again, thank you for joining me along this detox journey … what a joy and honor it has been to be with you. As always, I pray this series has truly been one that will Strengthen Your Walk.

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