School of Deliverance: Steps to Your Self-Deliverance

Isik AblaBy Isik Abla5 Minutes

Hello everyone! Welcome to School of Deliverance Cast Out Demons and Slay Your Giants! Today, we are doing part two of self-deliverance and I’m going through it step-by-step. It is so important to stay with me so you can follow the things I’m teaching in Cast Out Demons and Slay Your Giants. This book is helping so many people around the world. People are being set free from their demons, they are getting delivered, and they are walking in freedom.

I’ll teach you step-by-step self-deliverance.

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First step: you need to “Declare Who God Is.” After you declare it, the Holy Spirit’s leading is super important in your life. You need to ask, “Holy Spirit, Spirit of Truth, what is binding me? What is bringing me down? What is my stronghold? What is a strongman in my life?” You don’t need to dig deeper. If you are digging deeper, you are giving room to the enemy to come and interfere. But you need to get rid of fear. You need to get rid of lies and deception. At that point, when you are ready and you have gotten rid of all this fear, lies, and deception, you are sitting in His presence and asking, “Holy Spirit, Spirit of Truth, what is it that is hindering? What is against You and Your freedom in my life? Show me.” And immediately God shows you. He is so faithful. And you say this, “I confess. I repent from giving room to this spirit.”

It may be insecurity. “I repent from insecurities, self-worship, idol-worship. God show me.” You have a victim spirit. “I repent from my victim spirit, God. I am not a victim, I’m a survivor and an overcomer. I repent from being a victim all my life.”

After you repent, you confess. You repent, then you renounce it. “This spirit has no power over my life from this moment on.” And now you cast it out: “I cast it out in the name of Jesus Christ. And I thank You God for my freedom and I cover my freedom with the blood of Jesus Christ. I cover myself. I sign and seal my freedom from the spiritual victim in the name of Jesus Christ.”

If you have an orphan spirit, you do the same thing. “God, I am not an orphan. I am sorry. I confess that I allowed an orphan spirit in my life. I repent from allowing this spirit into my life because I am not an orphan. You are my Father and I have a family in Christ.”

And now you renounce it: “I renounce this spirit. It has no power over me. And I cast you out in the name of Jesus Christ.” And then, you sign and seal it with the blood of Jesus. You keep doing this. I did it 48 times and I was completely set free in two days because it was so heavy.

How was I manifesting? I was yawning, I was crying, I was sweating. Everybody manifests differently, but don’t be scared. Remember, if you have fear, you need to cast out the fear. If you have any kind of intimidation from the enemy, you need to cast it out. If you have disbelief, doubt, and all this stuff like lies and deception that you can’t be delivered, you need to get rid of them because what we did before with the seven steps. You were prepared. With these steps, you are delivered. Is it that easy? Yes. Jesus Christ made it that easy on the cross!

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