School of Deliverance: Power of Binding and Loosing Self-Deliverance

Isik AblaBy Isik Abla6 Minutes

Hi everybody, welcome to School of Deliverance. We are studying from my book, Cast Out Demons and Slay Your Giants: Power of the Blood. I have sermon studies about the blood. It’s not because I like to see blood, but there is something very special and powerful about the blood of Jesus.

Scripture says in the book of Ephesians that “we are brought near by the blood of Jesus.” We are reconciled by the blood of Jesus, not by the sacrifice of animals, lambs, goats, or anything, but by the perfect Lamb. The Son of God was crucified and shed His blood at Calvary, and that blood still speaks today and that blood has power.

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Look at what Scripture says in Revelation 12:11: “They triumphed over him.” Who? Over the devil. “By the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony.” This is a deliverance scripture. How awesome is that? They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, by the word of their testimony.

How can you do that? One scripture, one deliverance. How powerful blood is. One thing you need to know: they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb. The blood of Jesus. Every time I go through warfare, I go, “I cover this house with the blood of Jesus. I cover myself.” Every day I do that, not only during warfare but every single day I cover my stuff, my family, my friends, my staff, my ministry, my pastoral team, all of them, my finances, my health, my car. You can call me crazy, but I use the blood of Jesus.

We take communion all the time — my husband and I — we take communion at home. It’s wonderful to take communion, declaring the power of the blood of Jesus. The blood of Jesus has so many benefits I want to share with you. It has redemption power, cleansing power, healing power, delivering power, and saving power. There are so many. The blood of Jesus is powerful and one drop of blood of Jesus will shatter and completely defeat the entire army of the devil. One drop of Jesus’ blood.

“There is power, power, wonder-working power in the blood of the Lamb.”

In the churches, we don’t talk about the blood of Jesus enough. I think that is one thing you need to bring into your prayer life. You need to bring it into your spiritual life because when you start speaking about the blood of Jesus enemies completely and utterly flee from you. Enemies are afraid of you. We are always talking about people having a fear of demons, but when you do the principles I am teaching in this book the devil is afraid of you.

So, if you are about to do deliverance, if you are about to do anything, just say, “I plead the blood of Jesus; I cover myself with the blood of Jesus. I put a bloodline of Jesus Christ between me and the enemy. I put a bloodline of Jesus Christ between my house and the enemy. The enemy cannot enter or cross that bloodline because I am putting it with authority that Christ Jesus has given to me.”

And then you start speaking the power of the blood in your life. In every situation — maybe you have an important meeting — say, “I cover this meeting with the blood of Jesus.” Maybe you say something wrong. It happens to me. Sometimes my big mouth gets in the way and then I feel condemned about what I said. I say, “I wish I didn’t say that.” God says, “Cover it with the blood of Jesus.” I say, “I covered this thing that I said or did with the blood of Jesus so the enemy cannot bring it back against me.” Do you see how powerful this is?

I remember I was doing one deliverance with a lady and this young girl became absolutely monstrous. She tried to kill herself. She started growling and roaring. It was in a public place and everybody in the building got scared. She ran to attack me with her bare hands. She was scratching herself; it was like in a horror movie. It was terrible. When she came to attack me, I said, “You cannot cross the line. I am under the blood of Jesus Christ. There is a bloodline here.” I was not speaking to her as a person; I was speaking to the demon in her. I said, “Devil, you cannot cross that line.” She immediately stopped, like completely and utterly lifeless. Soon enough that thing left her and she was set free. That is how powerful the blood of Jesus is.

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