School of Deliverance: Can a Christian Be Demon Possessed?

Isik AblaBy Isik Abla7 Minutes

Hello everyone. Welcome to School of Deliverance. I’m so excited for these programs that I’m doing based on my book, Cast out Demons and Slay Your Giants. It’s all about your victorious and powerful walk with Jesus Christ. That is God’s will. If you want to ask the question, is it God’s will for me to be delivered? Is it God’s will for me to be free? It is God’s will.

Deliverance is easy when you know God is on your side because it’s a supernatural war. How important it is that you take Jesus by your side so that you can absolutely defeat any kind of enemy coming into your life or into your family’s life or into your personality. So, today I want to talk to you about this big question: Can a Christian be demon-possessed?

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First answer: no. A Christian cannot be demon-possessed. First of all, you need to understand that, but we all can be under the influence like my previous program talked about. Or we may have some learned pattern demonic behaviors or thinking patterns in our personality that we didn’t give up. I was at that place. I was saved but I was still under bondage.

I want to give you a couple of examples as a matter of fact. Recently, my husband bought me a horse as a gift. This little horse, which is a stallion, came to our house. We didn’t know anything about horses. We had just moved into this place, and this horse came in and completely and utterly messed up the entire ranch. The entire place. This horse was uncontrollable. When we got the horse, he was this sweet-like person, looking at us with this little orphan face. We were like, “Oh, it is so cute.”

So, we brought this horse. He had a new owner, right? He had a new master just like you have a new owner, new master. We are the treasured possession of Jesus, right? But this horse was behaving so badly that we thought we may need to neuter the horse, castrate the horse. We were thinking all these things. We brought in the veterinarian, the expert, because we loved this horse. But the veterinarian said to us, “I have news for you. Castration may help him.”

But we are also circumcising the heart, so I want to identify what happened to this little horse. The veterinarian said, “He has a pattern learned behavior from the past,” because he bit the veterinarian. The horse also bit me. Thank God I had a big, thick coat on so he couldn’t break my skin. Imagine a horse biting you. The horse bit me, he bit the veterinarian, and he was impossible. He ran to the neighbor’s ranch and tried to attack his horses. We were like, “What are we going to do with this horse?” We were tying him up, walking him, exercising him, and we were exhausted with this horse. But the veterinarian said one thing, and it applies to deliverance even though it is about a horse. He said, “He has this learned pattern behavior that is in his DNA unless it is completely broken off.“ The veterinarian wasn’t a Christian or a deliverance minister. “Unless his personality is completely broken and he’s completely surrendered to your authority, he’s never going to leave those learned pattern behaviors that are causing him all this evil that he’s doing.” This is what the veterinarian said.

So, what happens to us is most of the time we receive Christ as our Lord and Savior, but there’s a part in our heart, our thinking, our personality that is not in alignment with the word of God, with completely surrendering and yielding to the Holy Spirit and is still operating under the influence of the demonic. We are not possessed, we are not drunk, but we are under the influence.

But still being under the influence of the demonic limits our lives and completely devastates marriages because there may be an anger problem, learned pattern behavior, learned pattern thinking, or insecurities or inferiorities. It is not in, but still operating through, the watchers and the whisperers who are demons in our lives. That is why I want to bring it up. I don’t believe personally a Christian can be possessed, but they can still act like they are possessed.

Another thing, some people who believe they already gave their lives completely — maybe they are just in the process of their salvation, but have not completely yielded and surrendered their life to Jesus Christ — I want to ask this question: Is Jesus Christ your Lord and Savior and you are telling me things to make me believe that Jesus is your Savior, but He’s not yet Lord of your life?

That is a process I want to bring to your attention. He has to be your Savior, but He also has to be Lord of your life. I used to tell my husband, “You are saved but your driving is not saved. Your driving needs to get saved.” He’s a New York City driver, but his driving got saved over the years. Or some people say, “I’m saved but my mouth is not saved.” So, when people come to Christ, they either surrender with their everything or only one part of their area, which is a questionable thing in your life.

Which area is opening the door to the enemy to operate and hinder you?

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