Renewed by His Spirit!

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries4 Minutes

Louis had never really read the Bible before, but after noticing a difference in his born-again boss and coworkers, he knew he had to give it a try. Picking up a Bible one day, he began reading the Gospels and believed every word. But when he got to the part about being saved … he couldn’t believe it applied to him.

“I was sure I was saved only for hell. And though I accepted my doom, I decided I would rebel against Satan every day I lived by reading the Bible.” As coworkers counseled and shared Scripture, the Spirit of Truth began to break through.

Still unsure about God’s love, Louis wanted proof that God loved him – and would guide and provide for him. So, contrary to the advice of his co-workers (and Jesus’ – Luke 4:12), he decided to put God to the test. He quit his job to live by faith, but when he got home and told his wife, she did not share his enthusiasm. She lashed out about the way “the Bible and God” had changed Louis and told him to “get out!”

Discouraged, Louis sat on the curb near his home and opened up the Bible. Soon a car pulled over, and a peaceful, serene gentleman got out and struck up a conversation with him. The drama of the day spilled out of Louis, and God’s miraculous guidance came into view. The driver of the car was a devout Christian businessman who offered Louis a job on the spot.

Louis began learning more about trusting God and experiencing the joy of intimate conversation with His Lord. Louis’s wife could not accept the changes in his life, and their marriage ended. In time, Louis found a partner who seemed to share his hope in Christ. Unfortunately, his new wife quickly became both verbally and physically abusive. His health declined and a heart attack nearly ended his life. Louis’s wife left when the doctors said he would require nursing care for the rest of his life.

It was during this time that Louis found Inspiration Ministries. “I couldn’t move and often couldn’t sleep, so late-night TV was my friend. I found the Campmeeting programs and love them! The joy and peace that comes from those broadcasts gives me hope.” Inspired to believe God’s great promises, Louis slowly regained enough function in his limbs to leave the nursing home. Louis began rebuilding his life by finding a church and a home group fellowship.

God’s goodness flooded into Louis’s life through a group member who bought him a vehicle and paid for his insurance and gas. The generosity of others encouraged Louis to give as well. “I gave to God under compulsion … as if He wouldn’t bless me otherwise. It didn’t feel good to give. Then one night, I heard about sowing seed on Inspiration TV. That made sense to me, and I believed it would help me build my faith. So I sowed a seed with an assignment of paying off my debts.” Not long after, a member of Louis’s home group called to say God was leading them to pay off a $900 debt he owed!

“God has been so good to me. I have experienced His generosity, healing, and deliverance! I am now off all medications and recently started my own window-cleaning business. I am thankful to God and Inspiration Ministries. God has been growing my faith for decades now, and I want everyone to know how great He is!”