Prayers to Change Your Nation

Prayers to Change Your Nation: Revival Begins With You!

David CerulloBy David Cerullo6 Minutes

Editor’s Note: global crisis, social injustice, lawlessness, and the unfolding of end-time prophecies are powerful incentives to plead with the Lord for a revival! Millions of souls stand in the balance, facing an eternity without Jesus Christ, an eternity in hell. You can do something about that! Revivals begin one person at a time. We offer this article, Prayers to Change Your Nation by David Cerullo to you as a match to light the flame of revival in your spirit.

Our Need for Revival Today

Nineteenth-century American revivalist Charles Finney summarized the essence of revival as nothing more than “a new beginning of obedience to God.” And New England preacher Jonathan Edwards, a key leader in the First Great Awakening in 1733 to 1735, said, “The heart of true religion is holy affection…Our people do not so much need to have their heads stored, as to have their hearts touched.”

Revival won’t come unless there is more yearning and less yawning. Instead of being content on the spiritual plateau we’ve reached, we must hunger and thirst for more of God’s presence in our lives (Psalm 42:1-3, Matthew 5:6, Philippians 3:12-15). Our impact on the world will skyrocket when we return to our first love and cast aside apathy and lukewarmness (Revelation 2:1-5, Revelation 3:14-22).

British Bible teacher Arthur Wallis wrote in his book, In the Day of Thy Power, “The spiritual labors of 50 years can be surpassed in so many days when the Spirit is poured out.” However, Wallis points out that this observation raises inescapable questions:

If God can achieve such mighty things in times of revival, and if the spiritual labors of 50 years can be surpassed in so many days when the Spirit is poured out, why is the church today so satisfied with the results of normal evangelism? Why are we not more concerned that there should be another great revival? Why do we not pray for it day and night?

The great revivals of the past shook nations. Bars shut down. Prostitution became unprofitable. The jails were nearly empty because crime practically stopped. The very foundations of the church and the surrounding society were shaken.

In addition to experiencing revival at several times in his own life, Wallis described a number of amazing spiritual awakenings in previous centuries:

Under the leadership of Count von Zinzendorf and others, the Moravians launched a prayer movement that included uninterrupted intercession, 24 hours a day, for 100 years. Missionaries were sent around the world to spread the Gospel and establish Christian communities.

Revivals around Rochester, New York, in the early 1830s resulted in between 50,000 to 100,000 conversions in a little over a year. From 1830 to 1835, approximately 200,000 people were saved in that area. Many of these were the result of Charles Finney’s ministry, 80% of whose converts remained true to the Lord and a part of a church.

In 1857, Jeremiah Lanphier started a prayer meeting in New York City, and only six people attended the first week. But within six months, 10,000 businessmen were gathering for prayer daily throughout the city. Despite its humble beginnings, this prayer movement spread across the world. For two years, an average of 10,000 people each week were giving their lives to Christ for the first time.

In the Welsh revival, over 70,000 converts were reported in just a few months, during 1904 and 1905. The awakening swept through the rest of Britain, Scandinavia, parts of Europe, North America, India and the Orient, Africa, and Latin America.

When you’re praying for a spiritual awakening, pray BIG prayers! The same God who transformed communities, cities, and nations during past revivals can do great things again when His people pray.

Tips For Starting a Revival

A young man once asked an old preacher how he could start a revival. The old man of God replied, “Young man, all it takes is a piece of chalk.”

“I don’t understand,” the young man replied with a puzzled look on his face. “What does chalk have to do with triggering a spiritual awakening?”

“Just get a piece of chalk and draw a circle on the floor around your feet,” the old preacher said with a chuckle. “Then cry out to God with all your heart: ‘Lord, revive the person in this circle!’ When the Lord answers your prayer, revival has begun!”

It’s amazing what a piece of chalk can do when coupled with persistent, honest prayer for a fresh move of God. Are you willing to test the old preacher’s advice?

London pastor Charles Spurgeon gave a similar recommendation to a young preacher who asked him to attract larger crowds to hear his messages: “Young man, just set yourself on fire, and people will gather around to watch you burn!”

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