My Lessons from Heaven: Divine Order

Dr. Mary NealBy Dr. Mary Neal4 Minutes

You’re watching episode seven of Strengthen Your Walk™ with me, Dr. Mary Neal. On today’s episode, I’m going to talk more about what I experienced when I drowned on a South American river. You can also read about these experiences in my New York Times best-selling books, To Heaven and Back and 7 Lessons from Heaven.

After I reached the end of this outrageously beautiful pathway that was woven together with a multitude of colors, flowers, aromas, and fibers of love, I reached a threshold to eternal life that I knew was the point of no return. I was there for what seemed like many hours, and during that time I experienced an all-inclusive understanding of everything I’ve ever wondered about. All I had to do was think of a topic and I understood it.

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I could see, understand, and be embraced by the truth that God is love, and whether it’s expressed as affection, compassion, understanding, empathy, kindness, encouragement, hope, guidance, or in some other way, God’s love for us is unshakable and steadfast. Where God is present, there is only love.

The divine order of the universe was also obvious to me. I saw how we humans and other animals, plants, and every ecosystem are precisely ordered, perfectly balanced, and completely interdependent and interconnected. Indeed, the actions of one ripple throughout the universe and affect the whole. It was clear to me that what we do and say matters. Our relationships and human interactions matter. Our care for all of God’s creation matters. Reconciliation matters. It all matters.

I also understood how it can actually be true that we are individually known by God, how each hair on our head really is counted, and how each one of us is as precious in God’s sight as scripture promises. I saw that God really does have a plan for each one of the billions of us on this planet, one that is of hope. I’m not talking about pre-destiny or fate in which choice is irrelevant.

We are created in God’s image with the ability to think independently, which is exactly why we always have a choice to seek out and follow the path that has been laid for us, or to move in a different direction. Now, I may not be able to explain how it happens, but I can assure you that each one of you really is known, individually, by God. That you are individually loved as though you’re the only one, and that God has a plan for your life, and the world, that is one of hope.

This is true regardless of whether or not you want it to be true. But the fact is, many of us don’t really want these promises to be true because it’s easier to live the way we want to instead of being accountable for our choices and actions. Many of us think life is pretty good just the way it is. But I’ll tell you that no matter how good you think your life is today, it can be even better and it can be filled with greater purpose and greater joy.

Thank you for listening today! May your heart be filled with the contentment of knowing that you are a valuable part of God’s plan for the world. And I pray that you’ll seek after God, and know that if the plans you have for your own life don’t come to fruition, it’s because God has a different, and probably better, plan in mind.

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