My Lessons from Heaven: Angels and Miracles

Dr. Mary NealBy Dr. Mary Neal4 Minutes

Welcome to episode nine of Strengthen Your Walk™. I’m Dr. Mary Neal, author of the best-selling books To Heaven and Back and 7 Lessons from Heaven.

In my last episode of Strengthen Your Walk™, I ended with my return to my broken body that was lying on the side of a South American river. My friends who had resuscitated me were both shocked and elated when I regained consciousness because I’d been without oxygen for almost 30 minutes. Deciding what to do next was not entirely obvious because we had no means of communication and there were no medical services available even if we had the means.

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Just as they were considering what to do next a couple of Chilean men appeared on the riverbank. No one understood how they had arrived, and the men never said anything. They simply walked over, and together with my friends, strapped my body to the top of a kayak and began trying to get me up this bamboo-covered hillside.

My friends were even more surprised to find an ambulance parked at the exact spot on the dirt road where we eventually emerged because ambulances definitely weren’t present in Southern Chile at that point in time. Despite our obvious distress, the ambulance driver walked calmly and asked no questions. When he was asked what he was doing there, he quietly said, “Waiting.”

Afterward, neither the ambulance driver nor the Chilean men who had been at the riverside could be located.

Do I think they were angels? Definitely.

Why did they come to help me? I’ve no idea.

The Apostle Paul wrote that angels are God’s ministers on earth, bringing help, guidance, protection, messages, and comfort. They show up to do God’s work, and I’ve heard thousands of people’s stories about their own experiences with angelic presence or intervention. And even when we don’t recognize them, angels always bring a deep sense of peace, calm, and the assurance of God’s love.

Spirits, or angels, also come for people who are near death. Many nurses and family members can tell stories of experiencing this type of spiritual crossover when they witnessed people near death seeing angels or reaching for a deceased loved one.

I’ve often been asked what I really think happened that day on the river. I do believe we were part of a miracle, even though many people today refuse to even believe that miracles still occur. I don’t really think we’re much different than people who lived in biblical times. Back then, people witnessed so many tangible miracles that we assume they always accepted them. But like ours, their memory was really pretty short. It was so short that Samuel set up a stone, an Ebenezer, to continually remind them of God’s unfailing presence and past help.

Certainly, not everything is either angelic or miraculous, but Angels are present. Spiritual crossover is real. And miracles do happen.

I pray today that your eyes will be opened to God’s tangible presence in the world and in your life.

Please join me tomorrow for the conclusion of my Strengthen Your Walk™ series.

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