Daily Bible Reading

How Daily Bible Reading Can Grow Your Faith

Melissa HendersonBy Melissa Henderson4 Minutes

Have you held a Bible in your hands today? Have you read Scripture on your phone or computer? Reading the Bible daily can help faith grow and flourish. Through pausing and absorbing the Word of God, we have the opportunity to glean valuable wisdom.

Some people have numerous Bibles in their home. There may be one in the living room, another in the bedroom and another in the home office. Do you have more than one Bible in your home? Are there different translations? Maybe the King James or the New Revised Standard Version or New International Version. Whatever the translation, taking time to read God’s Word will help grow your faith and bring a closer relationship with Him. When that relationship grows, we are able to share His love and glory with others.

I have been blessed by the gifts of Bibles over the years. Some of those Bibles were for special occasions, like Baptism or a birthday. Others were given by special friends who wanted to share the message of His Word. There are a few Bibles that I have purchased on my own.

Why would I need more than one Bible? God’s Word does not change. His message is the same today and always. Yet, different people have tried to make the Bible easier to read. Perhaps, easier to understand. An important part of the day is taking time to rest and renew by reading the Bible.

Each time I read Scripture, I glean something new. Depending on the current situations in my life, when I take the time to read His Word, my heart and soul are touched in special ways. Whether I search for specific verses that deal with certain issues, or if I open the Bible and start with any passage, God is there.

Before reading Scripture, a prayer may be spoken, whispered or thought. A prayer asking God to open eyes, ears and heart to His message. Asking God to help us receive His message is vital to growing our faith. There is always an opportunity for our faith to grow and for us to share that faith with others.

Some people like to write Scripture on index cards. These verses can be referred to throughout the day or night. I have a note card taped to my computer that says “PRAY FIRST”. Praying before reading the Bible helps bring us to a closer relationship with the Lord. When we ask Him to come into our lives and to help us understand His Word, we are strengthening our faith and we are reminded of the love God has for His children.

I am thankful for God’s Word. I am thankful we can go to Him at any moment. If there are questions about verses in the Bible, we can ask questions. Ask God. Ask clergy. Find study tools to help with answers.

Each time we read His Word, we are opening the line of communication to our Heavenly Father.

Reading His Word reminded of His love and glory.

Psalm 119:105 “Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.” NIV

Have you read the Bible today?

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