How Can I Find Peace?

Melissa HendersonBy Melissa Henderson5 Minutes

How can peace be found in a world filled with turmoil and uncertainty? News reports share sadness and tragedies more often than happy stories and successes. Conversations between friends and strangers bring troublesome details to the forefront. Where can we find peace and hope? Troubles will come and go, yet peace can be found in going to the Father and seeking His comfort and peace.

“Peace be with you.” The words are often spoken during or after a worship service. Handshakes and hugs may be shared. The message of peace is universal. The world is seeking peace. With everyday events causing worry and stress, how can we find peace? Is there a way to bring immediate peace to those in need?

Perhaps you have been given a heartbreaking medical diagnosis, or have lost a loved one to complications from a long illness. Maybe a relationship has taken an unexpected turn for the worse. You may be trying to handle finances, housing, food, and taking care of elderly parents. What if you are the parent of a prodigal? These situations can rob us of the peace God has provided for His children.

God has given us an open door to communication and fellowship with Him. Prayer is available for all. Going to the Father in prayer and asking Him to bring peace and comfort helps us strengthen our relationship with Him. God does not call us to handle things in life on our own. God gives us the ability to seek Him in every moment. Seeking His peace can bring comfort.

Have you ever given your worries and anxieties to God and then taken them back? Has there been a time when your desire is to hand every situation to God, but somehow worry and stress continue to consume every moment? These times are an open invitation to go to the Father and share your needs.

Prayer can be spoken, written, or thought. God knows our hearts. When we pause and share time with the Lord, we are strengthening our relationship with the Father. God is listening and hearing our prayers. His answer will come in His timing. The answer may be the one we are praying for or there may be another answer. God will answer in the best way. We can rest assured that by praying, we are opening the door to communication with Him.

Expressing our emotions to God gives the opportunity to lift the burden of worry and to find His peace. God knows how we feel. Whether we are sad, mad, happy, or glad, God knows.

In 2005, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. A surprise and unexpected diagnosis. I was told that I didn’t need a mammogram because of my young age of 44. Through persistence, the mammogram was scheduled. The radiologist shared that the mammogram was definitely needed as I would not have felt the lump because of its location in my body. After receiving the news of cancer, peace did not come easy. Many prayers were shared by family, friends, and strangers. Day and night, my husband and I prayed for peace.

God answered our prayers. Peace was found by going to Him. Because of that cancer journey, we have been able to share our story with others. We found peace after a road of anxiety and uncertainty.

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus” (Philippians 4:6-7 NIV).

Father, thank You for the peace that You provide. Your love and mercy are unending. Amen.