God Healed My Daughter

God Healed My Daughter

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

I called to seek prayer for my daughter, who had been diagnosed with thyroid problems and two cancerous lumps on her breast. She was scheduled for surgery the following week, and the doctors said she must start chemotherapy treatments soon afterward.

As her doctors prepared to run some final tests, I called the International Prayer Center. I felt a desperate need for someone to agree with me in prayer for God to do a miracle!

The Lord calmed my heart when a dear prayer minister named Marilyn answered my call. She passionately agreed with me in prayer, asking God to restore my daughter’s health.

When the doctors reexamined my daughter that day, they found no cancer or thyroid problems! God gave my daughter a miracle! Thank you for being there for me through your caring and anointed prayer ministers like Marilyn.—Darlene, Texas

What God did for Darlene, He can do for YOU! Visit inspiration.org/souls today to sow a seed for souls or send your prayer request to our International Prayer Center at inspiration.org/prayer.