Getting Back on Track with a Good Bible Study Today! Part 2

Dr. Michael StevensBy Dr. Michael Stevens5 Minutes

I must admit I have an affinity with a group of men found in Acts chapter 17. These were the men the Bible says were from Berea, and they were in Thessalonica. The Bible has some really awesome things to say about these men. Acts chapter 17 verse 10 talks about men from Berea. These were men who did two things. They searched the Scriptures and they received the Word of God.

As we continue on in this Authority of the Word series, we are talking about getting back on track with studying the Word of God. I want to give you three principles on how to study the Word of God. These are really simple and practical, just like the men in Acts chapter 17.

The Bible says number one they received the Word. I pray you receive the Word of God, not just at this moment, but when you read the Bible. When you study the Bible, receive by faith, gladly everything that God has in store for you.

Number two, and this is very important, they searched the scriptures. In fact, the Bible says and they searched the Scriptures daily. It wasn’t just once a year. It wasn’t just on Mother’s Day, Easter. and Christmas. But every day they searched the Scriptures to find out whether these things are so.

So here are the three principles. When you read the Bible, when you study the Bible, find a quiet space. Find a dedicated time and study the Word of God. In other words, you really want to make sure it’s not just mechanical or something for the head, but also something for the heart and the hands. Number two, get some practical tools. A Bible. A Bible dictionary. A good study Bible and something you could read in this modern-day language.

And here’s a real good trick. Get a dictionary, because there are words in the Bible that, just plain and simple, we need a dictionary to understand. These things can help you as you study the Word of God.

Finally, listen when you read the Bible. It’s not enough to just find a quiet space and time. It’s not enough just to have practical tools. But friends, here’s the most important thing. Remember the three R’s of Bible study. What are those three R’s? Number one, we want to read. Two, do your research. And three resolve. I’ll say that again. Read, research, and resolve. When you read the Bible what does the passage say to me? When you read the Bible and research it you want to know what does this passage not only say to me, but what does it mean when I read, when I research and finally when I bring resolve. I’m here to ask what is the passage saying to me now?

What will I do about this? Again, these are the three R’s to a very simple Bible study, friends. When you read the Bible you’re gonna find a time for observation, interpretation, and application. Let me say that again. You’re going to read, you’re gonna research, and you’re gonna bring some resolve. What did the Bible say? What did it say to me and what does it mean? And what will I do about it?

I’ve observed, I’ve interpreted, now I will go and bring resolution. Friends, study the Bible. Make the Bible a priority in your life. And you’ll see God bless you in a unique, powerful, absolutely outstanding way. This will happen because we’re getting back to good old-fashioned Bible study.