Getting Back on Track with a Good Bible Study Today! Part 1

Dr. Michael StevensBy Dr. Michael Stevens4 Minutes

I’m really excited about studying the Word of God. We need to get back on track with studying the Word of God. We really do need to get back to a discipline, a focus, a priority, and maybe even a precedent for finding that time, that space, and that devotion for studying the Word of God. I want to talk to you about how to practically study the Word of God.

I’ll keep it really simple. When you study the Word of God you always want to get something for the head, the heart, and the hands. The head is the cognitive. The heart is the effective. And the hands is application. When I study the Bible there are three questions we need to ask. What did I learn? What did I feel? And what did I do? It’s real simple. The head, the heart, and the hands.

Paul writes to Timothy in 2 Timothy chapter 3. He simply says this: that as for you, continue Timothy, my son, in what you’ve learned, and what you’ve been convinced of, and how you’ve learned it. All Scripture is God-breathed and it is profitable. In other words, the entire Bible, all 66 books, it is profitable for teaching and for correction that you would be so equipped for every good work.

Again, I’m gonna have to have something for my head. So when I read the Bible, am I reading it to learn of the value of his Word in this application? When I read and study the Bible do I feel something? Remember those men who met Jesus on the road to Emmaus? The Bible says their hearts burned within them. They felt something because they were with the Word. Friends, when you and I are in the Word of God, when we’re reading, when we’re studying, not only should we have head knowledge, but we should have some heart knowledge as well.

We want to know the Word of God. But may we also know the God of the Word. So with that being said, God gives us something today for our heads and something for our hearts. James reminds us in chapter one that it’s not enough to hear and to feel, but we must also go out and do something. I don’t believe your Bible study is complete until you’ve got marching orders to do something today. It could be showing love, s walk by faith, or being charitable in my giving. Do something with what you’ve read.

Let’s conclude with something for the head, something for the heart, and something for the hands. When you get back to good old fashioned Bible study, I believe God will prosper you. God will bless you. God will increase your wisdom, your knowledge, and your revelation all through getting back on track with the Word of God. It makes you wise for salvation. It empowers and equips you. And it will help you in everyday life situations.

I encourage every one of you in this beautiful season, in this promising future, take the Word of God – read it, study it, and apply it. I have to say it one more time. Something for the head. Something for the heart. Something for the hands. Take the Word of God and may it bless you.