Finding Hope: Our Shepherd

Jim KallamBy Jim KallamDecember 21, 20213 Minutes

As we look at the book of Isaiah, we continue to talk about finding hope. I have this question. Do you believe that God cares for you? Do you think that what you’re going through right now He really is concerned about? If we’re honest, at times we wonder whether God really does care and we wonder whether He is really there with us.

But I want to remind us today, and I want to encourage us today, that God is a God Who cares for us. Again in the book of Isaiah, it says in verse 11 of chapter 40: “He will tend a flock like a shepherd. He will carry them in His bosom and gently lead those who are with young.” God cares for His people. God cares for you! That sounds hard to believe at times, but He is showing His absolute trustworthiness to you throughout your life. The picture that Isaiah gives is a picture of a shepherd who gathers and leads His people; a shepherd who cares.

The tenderness and compassion that God has for you, it’s a reminder to me of the 23rd Psalm, maybe one of the best-known Scriptures in the Bible. “The Lord is my shepherd.” Notice the pronoun: He is my shepherd. He is your shepherd.

And even as the chapter begins in chapter 40, God is concerned about His people and He says comfort… ”Comfort My people says the Lord. Speak tenderly to Jerusalem and cry to her.” God’s care is abundant. God’s care is ever-present. And even though God’s people questioned Him – as we do sometimes question God’s concern and His care for us – the Scripture reminds us that He’s like a shepherd who cares for His sheep.

I don’t know what you’re going through today. I don’t know what your specific situation may be. I know what we face in the world around us, but I want you to take hope today that you have a God who shepherds you. He who cares for you with all the tenderness and compassion of One who gathers His people and leads them, not at a forced pace, but at a tender pace. Father, thank You that you care for us. And I pray that you take hope.

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