Finding Hope: Our Companion

Jim KallamBy Jim Kallam4 Minutes

We’re talking about finding hope in the world that we live in. We’ve been looking at the prophet Isaiah and what he had to say to God’s people. Again, it translates so well to us today. As you think about that, think about the fear that exists in the world around us.

We have become afraid of everything. We’ve become afraid to touch things. We’ve become afraid to breathe on people. And so we wear masks and do all these things which are important things to do. But my biggest concern is this residual fear that comes out of this season of our lives that we take with us. I don’t think that fear is what God wants us to live with. Isaiah said to God’s people in Isaiah 41: “Fear not…” and here’s the reason why, “…for I am with you. Be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you. I will help you. I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.”

It’s amazing that in one verse God can say those things that should help us melt away the fear we have in our lives. Will we get rid of all fear? No. That’s just not humanly possible. But what we can do is realize that God is with us, just the same way He is with Abraham when He called him out of Ur of the Chaldees. The same way He was with Joseph when his brothers sold him into slavery in Egypt. And you can trace it all the way throughout the Scriptures. God was with them.

Can I tell you the great promise that we have today? He’s with you. He’s with you and He says what He will do. He will uphold us. He’ll strengthen us. He’ll help us. There’s not a thing that you and I would go through in our lives that God isn’t going to be there to help us with. I think one of the greatest promises, outside of my salvation which obviously ranks the highest, is the fact that I know there is never a place that I will go in my life that God doesn’t go with me.

That verse in Isaiah is just one of the many places in Scripture that reminds us of that truth. So let’s say you’re going through something difficult today. Maybe it’s a health issue. Maybe it’s a relationship issue. Maybe it’s just a work issue. Whatever it may be, can I just remind us that God goes with us? He goes with you. And one of the benefits of that is that you don’t need to fear.

Fear can cripple us. Fear is not a tool of God, it’s a tool of the enemy. So remind yourself today that you have a God who goes with you. He’s not just alongside yo, but He is there to strengthen, to help, and to be there for you in everything you go through.

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