Expectantly Embracing a New Season

Expectantly Embracing a New Season

Stasi EldredgeBy Stasi Eldredge4 Minutes

I’ll admit, I don’t really like change. All change feels like loss to me, even if it’s just the changing of the seasons. But time marches on, whether I like it or not.

Just as I hate goodbyes to seasons, I even more hate goodbyes to people. Partings are painful, whether they occur at the end of a visit or the end of a season. People move on, and sometimes they even move on to Heaven. Letting them go, releasing them to God, is essential.

I do trust God in all of this. But even though trusting Him is getting easier after experiencing so many decades of His faithful goodness, many goodbyes still remain etched with my tears.

In the midst of changes and goodbyes, I’ve discovered that God is calling me to live with an expectant heart. Expectant of goodness. Expectant that the best is yet to be. Certain that though I don’t know what is coming, He does—and He promises to be right there with me.

His promise in Hebrews 13:5 to never leave or abandon us—not ever—is one that, when pondered, fuels our joy and our strength to press on. He’ll never leave? Never?! That’s right: never ever.

I can’t see what is around the corner, but He can. And regardless of what comes, whether trees ablaze with color or barren in winter’s chill, His beautiful presence can fill it all if I will but turn my gaze to Him and cultivate a heart that has eyes to see.

Expecting God’s Goodness

In this life, time is our fleeting gift. I don’t know how many days I have been given, and neither do you. But I do know that spending them in regret, my fist clenched to hold on to the goodness I do know, prevents me from receiving the good gifts that God still has in store for me.

Time spent in reflection is necessary and good. It buoys my heart to remember. We’ve come far, God and I. He’s given golden nuggets in the midst of the bleakest of times. He’s been lavish. And He doesn’t change. If He’s been generous and kind and good in the past, won’t He remain so in the future? Yes. Yes, He will.

Time spent remembering who God is, what He’s like and what He’s done, breathes life into my soul when my soul feels green or frozen. Time letting His living Word wash over me infuses me with life and hope. It’s the water and food we all crave.

So in obedience and with hope, I am saying “yes” to the next season. I am speaking it out loud. Yes to the “new.” Yes to believing that God is good and has good things in store for me. Yes to letting my sorrow at goodbyes deepen my soul’s dependence on Him. Yes to Jesus.

I want to be able to say “goodbye” with an open hand, so I can welcome every new season. Jesus, help me to do that. Help us all, please. Help us trust You, the only One who never changes.

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