Are You on the Lamb’s List?

Ben CerulloBy Ben Cerullo2 Minutes

Do you remember the movie Schindler’s List? It’s an inspiring story of how one man used his personal influence to keep thousands of Polish Jews from Hitler’s death camps.

It’s also the story of man’s limitations. By the end of the war, Schindler was running for his life, and those he saved were left to find their own way. Separated from loved ones, hungry, sick, and destitute, those who were set free had no choice but to return to a hostile and brutal world.

Aren’t you glad our Christian salvation isn’t like that?

Jesus didn’t just make a way for us to get to heaven and then say, “Figure it out.” He expressed confidence in the knowledge of His disciples by telling them, “You know the way” (John 14:4 NLT), and then He assured them with the words, “I am with you always, even to the end of the age” (Matthew 28:20).

I take great comfort in that.

As the years go by, I more fully realize that life has both earthly and eternal implications. God’s written Word is our map so we can know the way. Feeding on the Word of God strengthens us to travel a life path that leads to victory over the assaults of this hostile world. Our earthly journey prepares us for eternity.

Always within us, the Living Word lights our path so we can take the steps we need each moment! His presence helps us live our lives as He did – accomplishing the will of the Father. Human nature tempts us to focus on our own will, but learning to treasure the presence of Jesus produces an earthly life with eternal prosperity!

Schindler added names to his employees list to save earthly lives. But when Jesus adds you to the Lamb’s list, the results are far more glorious– abundant earthly lives producing an eternal harvest.