A Tale of Two Farmers

David CerulloBy David Cerullo3 Minutes

I once heard a story about two farmers facing hard times…

These two farmers—neighbors—looked out over their dry, dusty fields without much reason to hope. There’d been a drought the year before, and the money in the bank was nearly as dried up as the land in front of them.

But the coming year promised to be the worst yet. As another season of drought was predicted in the forecasts, both farmers turned their faces toward Heaven and asked God to send the rain.

Weeks passed. Still there was no rain. If asked, both of them would have said they had faith in God to answer their prayers.

Yet only one of the farmers did something. He climbed on his tractor…plowed his fields…and planted seeds.

In time, God answered the farmers’ prayers and sent the rain. But only one farmer reaped a harvest. Why? Because regardless of what he saw in the natural, he believed God would bless the Seeds he planted in faith. He released the Seeds from his hand, and God released the harvest in His hand.

In difficult economic times like these, it can be a real challenge to faithfully sow our financial seeds into God’s Kingdom. If we’re afraid of not having enough, we can be tempted to hold on to whatever we have. And then when the devil comes stalking us like a roaring lion seeking to devour our health, finances, or relationships (1 Peter 5:8), we cry out to God in desperation.

To overcome the devil’s attacks, we must maintain an uninterrupted cycle of “letting go” of our Uncommon Seeds by Sowing bountifully into God’s Kingdom. While the WORLD’S economic system tells us to hoard, GOD’S economy tells us to give.

Instead of hoarding our Seeds, the Lord asks us to release back to Him what He has placed in our hands. Only then will we Reap His blessings in our lives and be covered by His supernatural provision and protection. He only can multiply what we Sow!

So what kind of farmer are you?

God wants you to walk in a loving, obedient, faith-filled relationship with Him — and then He wants to bless your finances, health, and relationships.

So give each Uncommon Seed you Sow a Specific Assignment for what you’re asking the Lord to do on your behalf. Wrap your Seeds with faith and expectancy, then wait patiently for your Harvest!