Walking by Faith: 3 Demands of Strengthening Your Walk

Judy JacobsBy Judy Jacobs6 Minutes

Hello, everyone! I’m glad you’re joining me for Strengthen Your Walk. I want you to know that your walk is gonna be strengthened. I’m looking at Jeremiah Chapter 1:5: “I knew you,” Jeremiah said, “before I formed you …” This is actually God speaking through Jeremiah, “in your mother’s womb. Before you were born, I set you apart and appointed you as My prophet to the nations.”

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Then verse 10 says, “Today, I appoint you to stand up against nations and kingdoms; some you must uproot, tear down, destroy and overthrow. Others you must build up and plant. Then the Lord said to me, ‘Look Jeremiah! What do you see?’ And I replied, ‘I see a branch from an almond tree.’ And the Lord said, ‘That’s right and it means that I am watching and I am certainly carrying out all My plans. I am ready to perform it.’”

I want us to look specifically at three things today about Jeremiah that God is saying about you. He’s also saying them to Jeremiah. He says in verse 7, number one: “Jeremiah, stop voicing your disqualifications” because Jeremiah said, “I’m so young. What can I do?”Then He said number two, “Speak obediently My bidding.” And then number three, verse 8: “Don’t fear. Do not be afraid of their faces.” Here’s why: “‘For I am with you to deliver you,’ says the Lord.”

Number one: stop voicing your disqualifications. God calls us to change. Change is something that nobody likes, but in order to strengthen your walk, you’ve got to change because you can’t stay where you are. We go from strength to strength, faith to faith, glory to glory. Change means new action, new motion, new momentum. That’s what a walk with God is going to be in your life, and what is coming in your life. So, I want you to look at that.

Then number two, He says: I want you to speak obediently God’s bidding. I love the book that Rick Warren wrote, What On Earth Am I Here For? That’s what we’re here to do: find out what is it that God has for us to do? And to every one of us, God has given us a purpose. God has given us faith. Some people have great faith, some people have small faith, and some people are full of faith. But all you need is a mustard seed grain of faith.

I want to challenge you today in your strength and in your walk with God to speak obediently what God says. It is always wise to listen to God’s voice and then obey Him. There are consequences if you don’t, but rewards if you do! As you look and see Jeremiah’s call upon his life, He listened to the voice of God and He began to speak. I want you to do the same thing.

Number three: refuse to fear. God has not given you a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and sound mind. God has given you a spirit of power, which is “dunamis” (that’s one translation), of love, and of a sound mind. You have the mind of Christ and you hold the thoughts, the feelings, and purposes of His heart. “Do not be afraid,” God told Jeremiah. In Jeremiah 1:8, He said, “‘Do not be afraid of their faces, for I am with you.’“

Some of you need to know that you’re not walking this walk by yourself. God is with you. He says, “Some of you, you’re going to root out, you’re going to tear down, you’re going to destroy. And others of you, you’re going to build up and you’re going to plant.” The Lord used a prophet, and a nation was preserved by the prophet Jeremiah.

There is a spirit of preservation that is coming on you as you walk this walk of faith. Strength is coming to your legs. Strength is coming to your mind. Strength is coming to your spirit. The Bible says, “They that trust in the Lord shall run and they will not grow weary; they will walk and they will not faint.” That’s because the strength of God will come on you to walk out this thing called a walk of faith. And how do you do it? The just shall live by faith. And how does faith come? Faith comes by hearing and hearing and hearing and hearing. Faith doesn’t come by what you heard, faith comes by hearing.

So, today I want to tell you: keep walking, keep moving, and moving forward because He is with you.

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