Why Am I Lonely?

Melissa HendersonBy Melissa Henderson4 Minutes

Why am I lonely? I look around and see people enjoying life. Yet, I feel all alone. I long to find the answer to this loneliness. Have you ever experienced those feelings? Have you ever heard someone share that they are lonely? Perhaps missing family and friends? During this past year, due to COVID, loneliness is more than a passing moment for many people. Loneliness is a problem to be addressed.

Thinking about the past, before COVID, causes me to realize how much I enjoyed gathering with other people to enjoy life. Whether a meaningful worship service, a backyard picnic, attending a musical concert or walking inside a building without a mask, times have definitely changed.

I’ve read articles that share statistics about anxiety and depression being on the rise. More people are affected than ever.

The human touch and the ability to share a smile or two helps each of us journey through whatever situation we are facing. We have been given guidelines saying we need to stay six feet apart and not be in close quarters with each other. I appreciate the wisdom and guidance of the medical professionals who are trying to help heal the world.

I am thankful God gives those people discernment and revelation in helping with the vaccine and healing process.

Yet, loneliness still invades the lives of many people. Our family who lives in another state have not been able to visit and celebrate Christmas yet. Gifts are wrapped and waiting to be opened. Perhaps the presents will be opened this summer.

A group of friends who always enjoyed dining together at local restaurants to celebrate birthdays has not been able to meet for fun and fellowship.

Worship service has been limited to a certain number of people in the building.

I am thankful for the opportunity to use video to participate in worship service and Bible studies, book clubs, writers groups, and more. But, the missing ingredient is the human touch of a handshake, a hug, and seeing a facial expression.

When I speak to some elderly friends, they often talk of being lonely. Phone calls are special and appreciated. Cards and letters help, too.

Somehow, as we traverse through different times and situations, people continue to be lonely.

I’m praying things will change soon. Hopefully, the vaccine will help and life can return to some normalcy.

When I feel lonely, if I share time with the Lord, I am calmed. As loneliness tries to creep in, I pray. Asking God to provide comfort and peace and to remind me that I am not alone is comforting. Reading His Word is one way to com bat loneliness. Sharing a video call with a family member or friend and reading Scripture together can help.

Loneliness can be for a moment or a long time. There is help available if loneliness turns into despair and can’t be addressed by the individual alone. Speaking with a medical professional, clergy, or a friend may provide answers.

If someone you know is lonely, listen to them, pray with them and for them. Remind them of the love God has for them. (Deuteronomy 31:6) Share time and be an encouragement.

When you hear someone ask, “Why am I lonely?”, be ready to listen. Ask God to help you show His love and glory.


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