Know Jesus

Know Jesus, He Desires a Relationship with You 

It is wonderful to know Jesus! Regardless of the struggles or challenges you face, find comfort in knowing that God desires a relationship with you. Knowing Jesus is the answer to help you achieve your full purpose, whether it’s battling addictions, strengthening personal bonds, or simply finding a place to belong – God has made us His children, through Jesus Christ, so we may be renewed.

Even if you’re not sure how to move forward in the building of this relationship, it’s God’s desire to guide you along the way.   In fact, James 4:8 tells us to “draw close to God, and God will draw close to you.”

Drawing Close to God

When you surrender your life to Jesus Christ, God’s Word declares many incredible truths about your new identity, no matter what you may have done before being born again in the identity of Christ.  In Him you are a new creation, saved by God’s amazing grace.

You can build your relationship with God in your new identity in four simple steps by:

  • Acknowledging that you’re a sinner
  • Confessing your sins
  • Repenting for your sins
  • Believing that Jesus is God’s Son who died to save you from your sins

In taking these steps you’ll find immediate comfort knowing that you are building your relationship with God, and you will immediately sense the Lord drawing you into an everlasting relationship with Him.

A Hopeful God               

Remember that God is as near as the breath you breathe, and what He desperately wants is to guide you along your journey. Talk to Him. Read His Word. Spend time every day with Him. God  wants to have a personal relationship with YOU!

Don’t wait to begin this lasting relationship with Him. Know Jesus today.


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