The Cure for an Insecure Life

Joyce MeyerBy Joyce Meyer4 Minutes

I used to be a very insecure woman who gained worth and value through what I did. I was in full-time ministry, serving as a pastor on the staff of a thriving church. I led a weekly meeting of about 400 women, had a parking space with my name on it, and had a nice office with my name on the door.

I felt important. People came to me for help. They needed me, so I was valuable!

Then one day, after I had worked there for five years, God spoke to my heart as I pulled into the church parking lot: “I’m finished with you here.” That was hard to hear. God was finished…but I wasn’t.

Now, in my heart I knew God had something else for me to do. He was calling me to write books and do more with the teaching gift He’d given me, so I could help more people than I could reach at the church. But I felt safe and comfortable in my position there. So I stayed another year, and it was a frustrating, difficult year!

My insecurity and dependence on the “props” that made me feel important and valuable to people (my title, parking space, name on the door, etc.) kept me from being obedient to God when He first told me to leave that job. Through this experience, I realized how insecure I was and saw that I was striving to please people more than I was living to please God. I wasn’t really complete in Christ.

Get to Know God – Personally

“Cease to trust in [weak, frail, and dying] man, whose breath is in his nostrils [for so short a time]…” (Isaiah 2:22).

I had to learn to trust in God completely and gain my sense of value, worth, and confidence in Him.

I’ve discovered that being alone with God—and having no one to lean on but Him—is the single best thing that can happen to a person. Because when there’s no one else to lean on, you get to know God really well.

Then you can become truly rooted and grounded in the love of Christ, putting all of your confidence in God and knowing who you are in Christ. You can be secure and free to do what He’s leading you to do, not living to impress or please people. This freedom comes to those who know Him personally and intimately.

Put Him First!

If you want to experience real security and be complete in God, then you have to form the habit of putting Him first in everything in your life—your conversations, how you spend your time, what you do with your finances…everything! And the way you put Him first is by resisting the distractions of life and spending time with Him.

I implore you to put God first in your life. Spend regular time with Him every day. Let Him complete you and make you who He created you to be. When you do, your joy and peace will increase, and you will finally be totally secure in Him.