Hannah Help Me Series

Declutter Your Life with ‘Hannah, Help Me!’

Lisa HollowayBy Lisa Holloway5 Minutes

The “Hannah, Help Me!” series is an upbeat family lifestyle show featuring life coach Hannah Keeley. Hannah believes everyone has a God-given greatness — and she’s here to help moms find it. But what does that mean? And what makes Hannah the right helper to declutter your life?

God in the Everyday

Once upon a time, Hannah was a behavioral therapist. After she had a few kids, her nice, neat life started to unravel. One day, overwhelmed, in debt, and surrounded by clutter, she found herself crying into a pile of laundry.

Maybe some of us can identify with those moments when life just isn’t what we expected, and it seems like too much. But it’s in those moments that we have a choice: Keep trying to strong-arm it on our own or give it to God.

Hannah chose the latter. For her, that’s when life began to change for the better. Hannah saturated herself with God’s Word and trusted Him to wade into all the clutter with her — just like He did in the Bible when He went looking for the lost in all their messy places.

Those lost like Hagar, alone and pregnant in the wilderness (Genesis 16). Gideon hiding in his wine press (Judges 6). Elijah fleeing into a cave, even after God had worked mightily through him (1 Kings 19). Outcast Matthew at that despised tax booth run by an occupying government (Matthew 9). The Samaritan woman who couldn’t believe she was worth loving, drawing water in the heat of the day, until He found her (John 4). He found them all and brought them back to who they truly were.

Now a mother of seven, “mom coach” Hannah follows God’s lead. She wades into the mess with other moms to help them find their way forward. Because, as Hannah says, “Nothing beats rolling up your sleeves and working with moms, side by side.”

Why You Might Like It

Hannah focuses on one mom and family for two complete episodes. Working moms, homeschool moms with toddlers, perfectionists, hoarders, military moms, single moms — they’re all there. Regardless of what issues you run into in your own home, you’ll probably find another mom who’s a little like you or someone you know.

But the “Hannah, Help Me!” series is not about long checklists and achieving perfection. Hannah affirms that life isn’t about being perfect, but about making every moment count.

To make moments count, sometimes you have to get obstacles out of the way so you’re able to enjoy what you have — obstacles like chaos. Clutter. People pleasing. Coping mechanisms. Half-finished tasks.

That’s what Hannah wades in to find: the obstacles, which are a little different from family to family. Then she helps moms break the key obstacles down into manageable processes. She empowers moms, helps them get the wrong stuff out of the way, and even shows how young kids can be “trained up” to be part of the solution … not part of the problem.

She encourages moms to let go of the excess, the bad habits, even the negative self-talk that’s holding them back from God’s best. Words have power. As mom Melissa said so well, “You have to change your mind before you can change anything else.”

Hannah’s style is energetic, friendly, and confident — kind of like a positive big sister, who’s there to help get things done. If you’re an overwhelmed mom or simply someone who’d like to find new ways to approach household tasks, you’ll want to try out the “Hannah, Help Me!” series, which is appropriate for viewers of all ages.