Your Special Assignment

Your Special Assignment

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

Flavius Ricimer was not considered eligible for leadership in Rome. After all, he was a pagan, a man with the wrong background. Although hardly known today, he became one of the most powerful men of his time. In fact, he became known as the “kingmaker” of the Western Roman Empire.

After becoming a general in the Roman army, his support became critical for elevating others to positions of power. From time to time, Ricimer’s position was threatened, but he managed to survive and even maintain his position of influence until he died on this day in 472 AD.

His life reminds us of important Biblical principles about Christians’ lives today. Each person has a unique place in the body of Christ. Some are called to positions of greater visibility and prominence. But more are called to serve behind the scenes. Some become well known; many will remain relatively obscure.

However, in God’s sight, each person is equally special.

The key for believers is to surrender their lives to God, to let Him chart their course, and to be faithful to fulfill the assignments that He has given them. This is true whether or not they receive praise or attention. We can be confident that God knows the truth.

Today, surrender your life anew to Him. Seek to be faithful in whatever position He calls you, whether or not anyone else ever knows.