Your Shield

Your Shield

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

Soldiers throughout time have known the importance of shields. Facing danger and the possibility of death or injury, they have welcomed the protection offered by shields.

Styles and shapes of shields have changed to reflect new technologies and weapons. Depending on place and time, shields have been made from animal hide, wood, or various metals. Some have been plain while others were elaborately decorated. But during battle, soldiers know that an effective shield can save their lives.

People find various ways to be shielded. Some trust in their jobs or resources. Others hide behind governments or armies. Some retreat to secluded hideaways. But the Bible teaches that none of these can protect us perfectly. All these human shields have imperfections that can fail. The only perfect protection is to trust God.

The psalmist urgently wanted people to understand this truth. Over and over, he urged everyone to “trust in the Lord.” It was a message he cried to Israel, the house of Aaron, and all who fear the Lord. He certainly would convey the same message to us. Our only effective shield is to trust God.

Remember that you have an adversary who is prowling like a roaring lion. He is seeking to devour you and your family. And the world can be a dangerous place. Make sure you trust in the Lord, and He is your shield.