Your Role

Your Role

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Every Christian has a role to play in God’s Kingdom. Some are like Paul, serving on the front lines of ministry. Some plant the seed of the Gospel in the lives of others. Some water these seeds, providing encouragement or supporting the work that is being done. Others are called to labor behind the scenes, getting little attention.

In the process, when everything works together, there is a harvest. Seeds develop their full potential, and lives are changed. Every part of the process is important. God knows that the harvest cannot be bountiful unless each person is fully committed and does the work to which they have been called.

Paul reminds us that each person will be rewarded based on their own labor (v. 8). If we are good stewards, completing the assignments God has given us, we will receive a good reward.

Today, ask God to show you your role in His Kingdom. You may have a ministry of sowing seeds from the resources God has given you. You may be called to be a prayer warrior or a teacher, or he may want you to focus on your role in the family.

Remember that God has given you time, talent, and treasure, with opportunities to use these gifts for His glory. But you also have choices to make. You can labor for the temporary things of this world, or invest your resources in His Kingdom.

Always remember that you can reap only what you sow. And don’t forget that you’ve been blessed so you can be a blessing.